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The Seascape character assessment for the Dover Strait

Published the 4 March 2015

The full report of the Seascape character assessment study for the Dover Strait is now available in English and French on the NOSTRA project website.

Through NOSTRA project, Kent County Council has now finalised this ground breaking study with consultants LUC, working in partnership with Pas-de-Calais County Council.

The study builds on the pilot work carried out for the first NOSTRA workshop and covers both shorelines and the majority of Dover Strait as defined in the NOSTRA Implementation Plan.

The study presents a detailed picture of Dover Strait, capturing the unique natural and cultural character of the area through data analysis, fieldwork and stakeholder consultation. This approach follows Natural England guidelines and describes the valued seascape attributes and key issues as well as putting forward guidelines for future management and policy development.

French and UK authorities have different approaches to managing their coastal and maritime areas, but following publication of this study, the two authorities will work closely together to further recommend the adoption and application of this study for the whole strait.

In the UK the study will be utilised for marine planning by the Marine Management Organisation and Kent County Council will also be working with district authorities to show how it can be utilised for terrestrial planning, alongside Landscape Character Assessments.

The study makes for fascinating reading and highlights some of the similarities between the French and UK shorelines, along with a rich natural environment and long and fascinating history between the two countries.

The study has been funded by the NOSTRA project (75%) and Kent County Council (25%).


For further enquiries, or for requesting a higher resolution version of the full report:
Chris Drake, Coastal Officer, Kent County Council
Tel: +44 (0)3000 413360


The full report in French and English is available on the NOSTRA project website.


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