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Straits Committee – Let’s get to work!

Thematic workshops at the launching conference.

The official launch of the Straits Committee was an opportunity to bring together some 200 participants. This moment of exchanges allowed all the guests to meet and exchange on their expectations, common difficulties, work paths and the different opportunities offered by the new Straits Committee. Three workshops were proposed to the guests in connection with three well-defined themes: youth, economic development and ecological transition.

While the Province of West Flanders was in charge of the creation, coordination and animation of the “economic development” workshop and while Kent County Council and the Province of Zeeland did the same for the “green growth” workshop, the Nord and Pas-de-Calais County Councils led the “youth” workshop.

Many elements were exchanged during the workshops. Some ideas and needs came up again and again: the sharing of knowledge, the creation of a network in order to identify the relevant interlocutor on the other side of the border, the need for technical support etc. In addition, many ways of working that are more specific to the themes addressed have been identified and listed so that they can be pursued.

 What’s on now ?

Since the launching conference, there has been a lot of feedback from the guests present that day . They are all unanimous: they wish to contribute to the work of the Straits Committee, but they also want that it accompanies them as they have a lot of project ideas and are already starting to create partnerships! Moreover, other structures that were not able to be present at the launching conference are contacting us to find out more about this initiative.

In order to concretize these ideas of collaboration, the first executive committee of the Straits Committee was held on March 11th in Bruges. This committee welcomed with great enthusiasm all the proposals and proposed several working modalities. One of these modalities consists in the creation of 3 project groups which will soon be set up in order to facilitate the common work of the structures involved on both sides of the borders.

Since March 11th, the Straits Committee has grown! Indeed, it now includes the Province of East Flanders (Belgium) in its ranks. 


NB : Due to the sanitary situation Europe is currently facing, the agenda of the actions will be adapted to respect sanitary recommendations.


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