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From Denmark to the Pas-de-Calais - The Tunnel - Season 2 (Calais, 31 March-1st April 2014)

Published the 6 May 2014

After the elected representatives from the Commune of Lolland (Denmark) who were hosted in April 2013, it is the turn of a technical Danish delegation to come and assess the socio-economic consequences of the Channel Tunnel in the Pas-de-Calais County.

A tunnel is, indeed, to be built between Denmark and Germany, and the Danes want to ensure that this new infrastructure will be beneficial. This is why, thanks to cooperation between the Straits (Fehmarn Belt and Dover Strait), encouraged by the European Straits Initiative, contact has been initiated so as to present the experience of stakeholders in the Calais region.

One year after the visit by Danish elected representatives from the Commune of Lolland (29-30 April 2013), this technical visit, which took place on 31 March and 1 April 2014, has confirmed the interest of the Danes in the Pas-de-Calais experience. The Danes from the Sjælland Region were able to visit Eurotunnel sites, the Calais-Frethun High-Speed Railway Station and Cité de l'Europe, which they were able to see from atop the Belfry in Calais, as well as the port and its ferries (of which one of the operators is Danish – DFDS), all beneath a radiant sunny sky.

The Departmental Authority for Local Development in the Calais Region offered the warmest welcome to the Danish delegation. University presentations (on the socio-economic impact of the tunnel), combined with institutional presentations (Departmental Employment Insertion Office, Calais Promotion) and testimonials from the construction period (Association of Tunnel Builders) were given. The delegation, primarily composed of Union representatives, were highly sensitive to the social aspect of construction of the Channel Tunnel and the role of the Department in ensuring that the project benefits the local population.

As project leader of the European Straits Initiative, the Pas-de-Calais County Council (Department) champions the specificities of European Straits (fixed links notably: bridges, tunnels) and promotes cooperation and experience sharing between Straits. This second visit was once more highly appreciated. The Danes have already indicated that these relations, created by the European Straits Initiative, have only just begun. "Things always happen in threes" as the saying goes.

See the video of the political visit in 2013:


  • Welcome address
140331-Danois-LJossien-EN (pdf - 78.09 ko)


  • Presentation on the Channel Tunnel
140331-Danois-AHamy-EN (pdf - 1.55 Mo)


  • Presentation from Pas-de-Calais County Council on Approach to employment with structuring flagship projects


140331-Danois-approach to employment for structuring projects-EN (pdf - 5.38 Mo)






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