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Danish delegation from Lolland visiting Dover Strait

Published the 23 May 2018

On 7 and 8 May 2018, a delegation of 14 Danish people from Lolland municipality and Fehmarnbelt Development has travelled to Dover Strait to meet French and English stakeholders. On the programme of the visit, a series of presentations to better understand the impact of the Channel tunnel on the local communities and anticipate the challenges to face with the opening of such a fixed-link.

The Fehmarnbelt fixed-link project is expected to become soon a reality. This 18 km tunnel will one day connect the territory of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany to the municipality of Lolland, in the Southern part of Denmark, across the Strait of Fehmarnbelt. This major infrastructure project will bring an important change of paradigm for these two mostly rural areas, which will soon be directly connected to Copenhagen and Hamburg. In order to anticipate the impacts of such a tunnel and to take the most out of this opportunity for the development of the maritime border region, the municipality of Lolland (Denmark) wishes to take inspiration from regions facing similar challenges.

On 7-8 May 2018, a Danish delegation lead by Mr Holger Schou Rasmussen, mayor of Lolland municipality, travelled to Dover Strait to meet their European Straits Initiative partners and receive their feedback, 24 years after the inauguration of the Channel tunnel.

On the French side, the Danish delegation was welcomed by Pas-de-Calais County Council and had the opportunity to hear about the history of the Channel tunnel and the spatial planning choices around this important infrastructure. Representatives of the local authorities, tourism sector and French State provided their advices for the future Danish project based on their experience of the Channel tunnel. This visit was also a good opportunity for the representatives of Lolland municipality to discover on-site the commercial and touristic developments around the Channel tunnel.

The Danish delegation from Lolland visited the 2 Caps area, a site preserved for many years by Pas-de-Calais County Council a few miles away from the entrance of the tunnel on French side.




Ms Mireille Hingrez-Cereda, Vice-president of Pas-de-Calais County Council in charge of maritime and metropolitan challenges of the coastline, reminded the importance of such exchanges of experience, acknowledging the important similarities between both territories of Dover Strait and Strait of Fehmarnbelt.

The visit of the Danish delegation continued on the English shore of Dover Strait with a presentation from Ashford Borough Council and a visit of Eurotunnel.


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