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A delegation from Pas-de-Calais County Council to the Fehmarnbelt Days 2018

Published the 15 June 2018

The traditional “Fehmarnbelt Days” were organised on 28 and 29 May 2018 in Malmö (Sweden). This event occurs every two years and gathers very diverse actors together from both sides of the Fehmarn Strait: Danish and German ministers, ambassadors, private companies, trade unions and universities. Almost 800 people attended for the two days of conferences and working groups in the Skåne region. A delegation from Pas-de-Calais, led by Mireille Hingrez-Cereda - Vice-President in charge of maritime and metropolitan coastal issues - was also invited.

Following the visit of a Danish delegation (composed of Fehmarn Belt Committee members, members of the Municipality of Lolland and technicians from Femern Belt Development) in Calais on 7th May 2018, Pas-de-Calais County Council (France) represented by Ms Mireille Hingrez-Cereda (Vice-president) was keen to continue the exchange by participating to the Fehmarnbelt Days 2018, on the invitation of  Mr.Rasmussen, mayor of Lolland and Vice-chairman of the Fehmarn Belt Committee Welcomed in Copenhagen by Femern Belt Development, Pas-de-Calais delegation had the chance to visit the Øresund fixed link on its way to Malmö.

Numerous keynotes with prestigious guests, were at the agenda on 28 May: Swedish, Danish and German ministers and ambassadors, mayors and regional governors who are members of the Fehmarn Committee, as well as representatives of private companies. A very rich agenda, with diverse themes, which succeeded to inspire the800 invited people by its very high quality. The interview of Saga Norén, who is the lead actress in the TV show “The Bridge”, which takes place on the Øresund Connexion, was one of the key moments of this conference. Informal meetings and discussions organised between the guests who were present this day were the opportunity for Pas-de-Calais delegation led by Ms Mireille Hingrez-Cereda to exchange with Fehmarnbelt stakeholders and be aware of local issues and challenges; a good opportunity for Pas-de-Calais County Council to think about how similar Dover Strait and Fehmarnbelt territories are and to consider the possibility to replicate this type of events on its own territory.


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