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Festival - Tales of the Sea

From 1 to 4 september 2016

El Haouaria, Tunisia (Strait of Sicily)

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In a participative spirit, the festival Tales of the Sea opens a wide multidisciplinary debate proposing, in addition to movies, animations, exhibitions, conferences and production workshops, connected by a joint topic: sustainable development of seas and oceans.

Answering three needs, this maritime movies festival in a sailors' village aims at:

  1. listening to the most concerned: fisheries workers
  2. thinking at local level to promote specific arrangements to face ecological and economical threats
  3. creating a space for dialogue enabling a better understanding of issues.

The objective of the festival Tales of the Sea is to strengthen the link between generations, repair the social bonds, build the link between the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with the ambition to spread and anchor citizen values and responsible behaviours towards the nourishing sea.

The anthropological approach of the festival, with culture at the centre of questions of our times, comes back to the origins of myths and representations feeding the joint imaginary of fishermen, main actors of this festival.

The festival Tales of the Sea is organised by Caravanes Documentaires in partnership with:

  • OSIRIS association
  • Forum Hermaea – El Haouaria association
  • The group of studies and subaquatic explorations
  • The association of friends of the birds of Cap Bon
  • The Tunisian association of social and cultural anthropology
  • The association In’Art – artists of Hammamet and their friends
  • Villa Zembra  – El Haouaria


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