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ESI supports blue growth and the creation of a European Label for quality tourism (May 2012)

Published the 3 September 2012

Maritime economy is extremely important for all territories bordering the sea. The European Straits Initiative sent a joint response in May 2012 to the consultation launched by the European Union, to consider the interests of fishing grounds and maritime transport.

90% of European Union trade is transported by sea. In Europe, straits are obligatory gateways for imports and exports, as well as fishing, and passenger transport. There are often maritime research centres, information and leisure centres, tourism areas, windfarms and protected natural areas. The European Straits Initiative is therefore the best organisation to highlight the specificities of the straits and territories around them to European Institutions.

The aim of the consultation launched by Europe is to take into account the specificities of territories when conceiving and defining the next actions and funding.

Also, to ensure that the interests of the territories and the local populations are fully taken into account and defended to the best of our ability, partners in the Initiative have answered the European consultation as one. The aim is to obtain specific additional funds for Europe's straits, to support their economic, social, innovative and sustainable development in the best way possible.

On 13 July 2012, ESI also jointly answered the European Union consultation on the initiative for a European label for quality tourism, highlighting the specificities of European Straits, and territories often affected by mass tourism.


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