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National and European marine strategies

Published the 7 December 2018

Straits contribute to the strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions

In the framework of PASSAGE project, straits’ territories have expressed their position to the European Commission

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Published the 14 October 2016

ESI presented to French minister and elected representatives of the coastal areas

National study days of the ANEL (French association of elected representatives from coastal areas) took place on 5, 6 and 7 October 2016 in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, seaside resort of Pas-de-Calais.

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Published the 8 July 2016

Strait of Sicily - A European Maritime Day coloured with blue technologies

The National Institute for Sciences and Technologies of the Sea (INSTM) organized on 31 May 2016 the first European Maritime Day event on the Southern shore of the Mediterranean sea.

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Published the 8 July 2016

Strait of Messina celebrates the European Maritime Day

The University of Reggio Calabria held a Roundtable on "the Area of the Strait of Messina and development potential from integrated planning of coastal zones" as part of the European Maritime Day.

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Published the 8 February 2016

ESI comments on international ocean governance

Answering a consultation launched by the European commission, local authoirites bordering European straits call for a better consideration of local and cross-border levels.

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Published the 6 January 2016

Strait of Messina - Biodiversity and sustainable fisheries at the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan

The Metropolitan City of Messina was present in Milan in September at 2015 Universal Exhibition to showcase the excellence of local food and fisheries.

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Published the 19 May 2015

The ESI Calls for Safe, Sustainable, Competitive and United Maritime Transport

In response to the European consultation on maritime transport, the European Straits Initiative is making its voice heard on one of its core subjects

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Published the 19 November 2014

BRIT XIV conference: the strait, source of innovation

For the first time, the international BRIT (Border Regions In Transition) conference devoted a special session to straits. At this event, the ESI was the voice of the European straits.

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Published the 18 November 2014

Baltic Sea subregions call on the EU to pay specific attention to the straits of the region

The Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation conference recognised the importance of Baltic Sea Straits in its annual resolution. A major step towards recognition by Europe.

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Fehmarnbelt days : créer des connections

Published the 18 November 2014

Fehmarnbelt days 2014: the strait is a "creator of connections"

For the second edition of the Fehmarnbelt Days, the opportunities created by the construction of the tunnel were highlighted, for young people in particular.

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Published the 18 July 2014

The Baltic Sea Commission General Assembly in Luleå, Sweden 7-8. May 2014

The meeting was an opportunity to bring the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission and the European Straits Initiative closer and to show the importance of straits issues in the area.

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Published the 6 May 2014

For recognition of the straits in the EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region

The European Straits Initiative has responded to the European consultation on the Adriatic and Ionian macro-regional strategy on behalf of the straits of Messina and Otranto.

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Published the 8 January 2014

The Strait of Dover in English Channel Area Meetings (Rouen, 21 November and London, 6 December 2013)

The strait’s particularities had been developed at the time of the final conference of the CAMIS project and in a meeting on maritime pollution in the English Channel.

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Published the 6 January 2014

The French Transfrontier Operational Mission’s website given an overhaul: focus on issues regarding straits

The website in particular showcases cross-border maritime co-operation and sets out sound lines of arguments in favour of the specificities of European straits being recognised.

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Published the 12 November 2013

The local communities bordering the straits make themselves heard at the International Marine Protected Areas Congress

Concrete responses have been provided to protecting the marine environment on an international (PSSA) and local level (EGCT), while also avoiding them being put in a glass case.

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