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Strait of Kvarken - "Cross Border World Heritage" Menu

Published the 21 October 2016

During the autumn of 2016, food enthusiasts in the Kvarken Region have had the chance to experience unique tastes from the High Coast-Kvarken Archipelago UNESCO World Heritage Site onboard the Wasaline ferry between Vaasa and Umeå.

Internationally renowned chef Michael Björklund was chosen to create a four-course ”World Heritage” Menu, based on local ingrediets. Björklund has, for a long time, been a familiar face on the grand chef scene, and he has endeavored to highlight Nordic cuisine, ingredients and producers. He is also known from several TV programmes and for his cookbooks, and he has been awarded the title of “Chef of the Year” in both Finland and Sweden and the fifth place in the renowned Bocuse d’Or chef contest.

Thanks to the visionary Björklund and Wasaline, we can offer this taste experience to all the inhabitants and visitors in the Kvarken Region. What’s more, this coincides with the 10-year anniversary celebrations of the joint UNESCO World Heritage Site High Coast-Kvarken Archipelago”, Spotlight High-Low Coast Project Leader Marianne Sjöström states.

The decision to serve the menu onboard the Wasa Express ferry was a natural one because the World Heritage Menu High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago is part of the INTEREG Botnia-Atlantica funded Spotlight High-Low Coast project, managed by the Kvarken Council. The project focuses on cross-border collaboration via mutual product packaging in order to attract more tourists to the region. As a submeasure, the project has chosen to highlight the local food culture of the mutual World Heritage Site High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago.

We are glad that the project decided to launch the menu in our à la carte restaurant. This is an exciting World Heritage and tourism project, and we are more than happy to promote the local local food culture”, says Wasaline’s Managing Director Peter Ståhlberg.


For more information about the Spotlight High-Low Coast project:


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