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Protection of environment

Published the 26 March 2018

PASSAGE project - European straits take action to reduce carbon emissions

From April 2018, go for the implementation of the cross-border action plans designed by the partners to reduce carbon emissions in their straits.

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Published the 4 July 2017

PASSAGE project – discover best practices from 6 European straits!

Three thematic seminars took place from November 2016 to May 2017, enabling project partners to highlight 9 exemplary practices.

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Published the 8 June 2017

Corsica Channel/Strait of Bonifacio - A cross-border project for blue and green growth

The project "Accélérateur Transfrontalier de Start Ups - MARITTIMOTECH" is financed by the cross-border cooperation programme INTERREG VA Italy-France Maritime.

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Published the 13 January 2017

PASSAGE project - Direction Helsinki for low-carbon transport solutions

On 22, 34 and 24 November 2016, PASSAGE project partners gathered in Helsinki to study low-carbon transport solutions in maritime border regions.

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Published the 8 July 2016

Strait of Messina celebrates the European Maritime Day

The University of Reggio Calabria held a Roundtable on "the Area of the Strait of Messina and development potential from integrated planning of coastal zones" as part of the European Maritime Day.

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Published the 20 May 2016

Start signal for PASSAGE project

The 11 partners of the project gathered in Boulogne-sur-Mer on 12 May 2016 for the launching conference, at the invitation of Pas-de-Calais County Council.

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Published the 22 February 2016

Interreg Europe supports low-carbon economy in European straits

PASSAGE project was approved by Interreg Europe programme; 7 ESI partners are part of the project which should start in April 2016.

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Published the 6 January 2016

Strait of Messina - Biodiversity and sustainable fisheries at the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan

The Metropolitan City of Messina was present in Milan in September at 2015 Universal Exhibition to showcase the excellence of local food and fisheries.

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Published the 4 March 2015

The Seascape character assessment for the Dover Strait

The full report of the Seascape character assessment study for the Dover Strait is now available in English and French on the NOSTRA project website.

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Published the 19 November 2014

BRIT XIV conference: the strait, source of innovation

For the first time, the international BRIT (Border Regions In Transition) conference devoted a special session to straits. At this event, the ESI was the voice of the European straits.

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Published the 18 November 2014

Baltic Sea subregions call on the EU to pay specific attention to the straits of the region

The Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation conference recognised the importance of Baltic Sea Straits in its annual resolution. A major step towards recognition by Europe.

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Published the 18 November 2014

The Strait of Bonifacio enhances its international dimension

This summer saw the introduction of deep-sea piloting in the Strait of Bonifacio, opening the way for the final designation of the strait as a sensitive area.

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Published the 28 October 2014

NOSTRA project comes to an end – the European Straits Initiative takes over!

On 22 October in Brussels, the European Straits Initiative presented the results of NOSTRA project and reaffirmed the political commitment of an enlarged partnership

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Published the 6 January 2014

The French Transfrontier Operational Mission’s website given an overhaul: focus on issues regarding straits

The website in particular showcases cross-border maritime co-operation and sets out sound lines of arguments in favour of the specificities of European straits being recognised.

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Published the 20 December 2013

NOSTRA project outlined at the Baltic Sea co-operation conference (Helsinki, 17-18 October 2013)

The European Straits Initiative’s first project was of great interest to local authorities in the Baltic Sea area, where three of the eight straits in the partnership are located.

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