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Fehmarnbelt days 2014: the strait is a "creator of connections"

Published the 18 November 2014

Fehmarnbelt days : créer des connections

The Fehmarnbelt Days were held from 30 September to 2 October in Copenhagen. After the first edition in 2012 in Hamburg and Lübeck (Germany), this conference in the Danish capital confirmed the benefit, in terms of economic, touristic and cultural development, of the construction of the tunnel that will link not only the two shores of the strait (German and Danish), but also Copenhagen and Hamburg, Northern Europe and Continental Europe.

"Creation of connection" is the watchword of the second edition of the Fehmarnbelt Days in Copenhagen. At the official opening of the conference, political leaders and business men and women from Germany, Denmark and Sweden not only confirmed their commitment to creating these connections but also laid the foundations for an integrated region around the Fehmarn Belt, a partner strait of the European Straits Initiative.

"The Fehmarn Belt Committee wants to be actively involved in the development process which takes place along the Fehmarn Belt axis. We see the Fehmarnbelt Days as a good opportunity to discuss the opportunities and development options of the region with the many stakeholders and interested parties, to get some creative input and to develop ideas jointly", declared Reinhard Sager, President of the Fehmarn Belt Committee.

From 30 September to 2 October, numerous events and seminars brought together high-level stakeholders and youth representatives, who explored the key issues relating to the political, economic, scientific, cultural and touristic integration of the cross-border region between Germany, Denmark and Sweden.


"In Skåne we have seen how the Øresund bridge has had substantial positive effects on employment and growth, and has led to the development of a new integrated region between Sweden and Denmark. With a fixed connection between Denmark and Germany there is an exciting opportunity to replicate this on a larger regional scale, as Sweden connects to Europe through this new corridor," stressed Pia Kinhult Chair woman of the Region of Scania (Sweden).

The Fehmarnbelt Days have been held up as an example of good practice within the NOSTRA (Network Of STRAits) project, the first major realisation of the European Straits Initiative (ESI). Some straits, such as the Dover Strait, intend to draw inspiration from this good practice in order to adapt it to their own territory (more information on the project website: and the downloadable Good Practices Guide).

About the Fehmarnbelt Days 2014

The "Fehmanrbelt Days" series of conferences was launched by six organisations in order to provide a platform for stakeholders of the emerging Fehmarn Belt region and beyond. The first edition was held in 2012 in Hamburg and Lübeck. Until the opening of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel, these days will be organised on a regular basis at various venues in Northern Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden. The Fehmarnbelt Days are organised jointly by the following bodies: Fehmarnbelt Business Council (FBBC), STRING, the Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban Transport and Rural Affairs, Femern A/S, the Fehmarn Belt Committee and the Baltic Development Forum.



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