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Projects at the scale of the straits of the partnership

In each strait, partners of the European Straits Initiative implement innovative projects for their territory and its inhabitants.

Published the 11 March 2015

A tunnel to link Helsinki and Tallinn: why not?

The Helsinki–Tallinn fixed link is a growth vision for Finland and the Baltic region, the purpose of which is to reduce travel time, add mobility and create competitiveness in the area.

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Published the 4 March 2015

Kvarken Strait Midway alignment in the spotlights

The Midway Alignment project – Strait of Kvarken – was invited to share their experience and present the results achieved so far in terms of sustainable shipping and reduction of emissions.

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Mark Neelemans

Published the 21 July 2014

MIRG-EU: Large scale onboard fire simulation exercise successful

On 18 June 2014, partners of ESI from Dover Strait participated in a large scale onboard fire simulation exercise.

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Otrante strait

Published the 12 May 2014

Cross-border cooperation on Otranto Strait: an ambitious study presented in Lecce

A study on "Co-operative links between Albania and Apulia" realised by the University of Salento and co-funded by NOSTRA (Network Of STRAits) project has been released.

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Published the 6 May 2014

Kvarken Strait: Towards new opportunities

New transport routes and a new ferry keep the Kvarken Council busy

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Published the 8 January 2014

The Strait of Dover in English Channel Area Meetings (Rouen, 21 November and London, 6 December 2013)

The strait’s particularities had been developed at the time of the final conference of the CAMIS project and in a meeting on maritime pollution in the English Channel.

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Published the 6 January 2014

The Kvarken Link Open days local event - On board Wasa Express ferry, Umeå, 23rd November 2013

The Kvarken Link event gathered around 250 persons aboard the Wasa Express ferry, giving the opportunity to inform the public about the TEN-T project linking both sides of the Kvarken Strait.

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Published the 12 May 2013

4th Channel Forum: Kent and Pas-de-Calais in favour of bolstering Franco-British cooperation in the Channel Region

The integrated maritime strategy in the Channel Region, the declaration on maritime security, presentation of the strategic themes and new cooperation resulting therefrom.

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Published the 10 January 2013

The Dover Strait invited to the 3rd CAMIS Cross-Channel Forum (Southampton, 20 September 2012)

ESI presented its objectives and succeeded in having the specificities of Dover Strait recognised in the Integrated Maritime Strategy for the Channel

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Published the 3 April 2018

Strait of Bonifacio & Corsica Channel – MARITTIMOTECH gets to the heart of the acceleration path

MARITTIMOTECH Interreg project launches its accompanying course for entrepreneurs in the field of blue economy.

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Published the 26 March 2018

Gulf of Finland - FinEst Link demonstrates feasibility of a tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn

The results of the FinEst Link project, officially displayed in February 2018, demonstrate the technical feasibility of a railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn.

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Published the 4 July 2017

Dover Strait – Unaccompanied minors at the heart of a day of exchanges

On 12 May 2017, a delegation from Pas-de-Calais County Council and France Terre d’Asile NGO visited Kent County Council in Ashford.

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Published the 8 June 2017

Corsica Channel/Strait of Bonifacio - A cross-border project for blue and green growth

The project "Accélérateur Transfrontalier de Start Ups - MARITTIMOTECH" is financed by the cross-border cooperation programme INTERREG VA Italy-France Maritime.

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Published the 17 November 2016

Dover Strait – "Semaine de la solidarité internationale": travel around straits of the world

The "Week of international solidarity" takes place every year in France to raise public awareness on international solidarity and sustainable development.

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Published the 21 October 2016

Strait of Kvarken - A region’s flagship project wins international award

The project Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor has won the international "Sail of Papenburg" Award 2016.

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