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Promising start for PASSAGE project

Published the 28 October 2016

Following approval of PASSAGE project by Interreg Europe programme last February, major work has already been engaged by project partners to enhance low-carbon development of maritime border regions.

After a successful launch meeting on the shores of Dover Strait in May, PASSAGE project partners gathered in September 2016 in Maribo, for a work seminar on the Danish shore of the Fehmarnbelt. A rich moment to share issues specific to each strait and exchange around opportunities offered by cooperation programmes on each maritime border.

The opportunity for the partners to discover the stakes linked to the tunnel project between both shores of the Fehmarnbelt, which construction works could start in 2018, as well as to apprehend the reduction of the ferries’ fleet carbon footprint in the Fehmarnbelt by engines’ hybridization.


The visit of a Nordic Sugar factory which benefited from 50.000 tonnes of CO2 savings in the last 4 years enabled project partners to better understand challenges and solutions of low-carbon transition for the industry.

 In all straits of the partnership, the first local meetings have been organized to present the project to interested stakeholders of partner territories and brainstorm the next possible moves. Learn more about local stakeholder meetings joining PASSAGE project LinkedIn group! The objective is to enable co-construction of cross-border action plans in each maritime border by early 2018.

A seminar will next take place in Helsinki, on the Finnish shore of the Gulf of Finland, around a central question: how can the transport sector be a lever for the transition to the low-carbon economy of maritime border regions? LNG vessels, smart mobility solutions, energy monitoring model in port operations... Many topics to be debated!
The seminar, which is a local event of the European Week for Regions and Cities, will also be the opportunity for the partners to learn all about Helsinki-Tallinn fixed link project and port developments projects in Helsinki, at the invitation of Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.


Alain Cieslak, Pas-de-Calais County Council, Lead partner of the project –


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