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Mob'Inclus project

With Mob'Inclus project, partners of the European Straits Initiative are engaged to work on a new public policy, international mobility of young people, to contribute to their active inclusion. This project involving several European Straits Initiative partners benefits from the support of the French Ministry of Europe and foreign affairs, Erasmus+ programme and French agency for civic service.

Published the 11 July 2018

Mob’inclus project - Upcoming departure for 4 young volunteers from pas-de-Calais

Second part of Mob’inclus project, started end 2016, departure of young volunteers from Pas-de-Calais abroad in ESI partner territories is planned on 17 July.

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Published the 9 January 2019

End of the mission in Lecce for 4 volunteers from Pas-de-Calais

After 6 months in Lecce in the framework of a voluntary service, 4 young people from Pas-de-Calais are ready to come back to France to share the results of their experience.

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Published the 17 November 2016

Green light for the inclusion and international youth mobility project within ESI partner regions

On 26 October 2016, Mob’inclus project received a financial support of 51,216 € from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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