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European Maritime Days 2014: the Strait of Dover takes pride of place

Published the 21 July 2014

In Etaples (France) on 20 May, as part of the European Maritime Days, the Pas-de-Calais County Council brought together local stakeholders and its partners for discussions on the Strait of Dover. These meetings form part of the European NOSTRA (Network Of STRAits) project which unites 16 partners from eight European straits, among which Pas-de-Calais County Council is the lead partner.

The participants (representatives of the fishing sector, local authorities, the State and academia in particular) seized the opportunity to share their own vision of the challenges facing the Strait of Dover, which is one of the busiest in the world. Projects from other European straits stimulated great interest, in particular those concerning the environment (coastal erosion, bird migration), tourism (high value tourism) and transport (ships of the future with low greenhouse gas emissions).

The project comes to an end in October 2014 but the European Straits Initiative partnership, which gave rise to the NOSTRA project, will continue beyond that, potentially with new members.

In France, the territorial meeting at Etaples on the Strait of Dover has been the only national event to be labelled a European Maritime Day, for the second year running. The European conference was held this year in Bremen (Germany), with a particular focus in 2014 on innovation and research.

In short

  • The only EMD labelled event in France
  • A project (NOSTRA) in receipt of European financial support of €1.8 million under the INTERREG IVC programme
  • Subjects addressed: environment, tourism, transport, air pollution


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