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Technical meeting of the European Straits Initiative in Paris

Several European Straits Initiative members gathered in Paris on 29 May, in the offices of the Permanent Representation of the European Parliament.

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Mob’inclus project - Upcoming departure for 4 young volunteers from pas-de-Calais

Second part of Mob’inclus project, started end 2016, departure of young volunteers from Pas-de-Calais abroad in ESI partner territories is planned on 17 July.

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Cross-border cooperation on straits must be saved

The draft regulations published on 29 May confirm the misgivings of straits’ territories: maritime cross-border cooperation is the “poor relation” of the European Commission’s proposals.

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Dover Strait - A new study highlights the economic footprint of the Channel Tunnel in the UE

A new study published by EY analyses the value of trade travelling through the Channel Tunnel between the UK and EU countries.

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A delegation from Pas-de-Calais County Council to the Fehmarnbelt Days 2018

A delegation from Pas-de-Calais, led by Vice-president Mireille Hingrez-Cereda, participated to the Fehmarnbelt Days on 28-29 May 2018.

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Danish delegation from Lolland visiting Dover Strait

On 7 and 8 May 2018, a delegation from Lolland municipality and Fehmarnbelt Development has travelled to Dover Strait to learn about the impacts of the tunnel.

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Position paper on post-2020 cross-border cooperation

After the proposals for the new Multiannual Financial Framework, the European straits express their strong concerns regarding the future of cross-border cooperation on maritime borders.

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Strait of Bonifacio & Corsica Channel – MARITTIMOTECH gets to the heart of the acceleration path

MARITTIMOTECH Interreg project launches its accompanying course for entrepreneurs in the field of blue economy.

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Inputs from straits’ areas shared with Interact "Knowledge of the seas" network

PASSAGE project partners were able to share their thoughts on what really matters when it comes to cooperate across maritime borders.

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Dover Strait - Pas-de-Calais County Council receives a label for its expertise

The French ministry of Europe and Foreign affairs acknowledges the expertise of Pas-de-Calais in “cross-border cooperation on maritime borders”.

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Dover Strait - Building a bridge across the strait?

This is the idea suggested by Boris Johnson, the UK foreign secretary.

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Maritime border regions and straits’ areas at the heart of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2017

Several ESI partners have highlighted and discussed the specific challenges of maritime border regions and, more specifically, straits’ areas.

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European straits regret that maritime borders have been forgotten in the call for pilot actions "B-Solutions"

The European Commission launches a call for pilot actions “B-solutions” in border regions. Unfortunately, maritime borders are not eligible.

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PASSAGE project - European straits take action to reduce carbon emissions

From April 2018, go for the implementation of the cross-border action plans designed by the partners to reduce carbon emissions in their straits.

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Gulf of Finland - FinEst Link demonstrates feasibility of a tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn

The results of the FinEst Link project, officially displayed in February 2018, demonstrate the technical feasibility of a railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn.

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