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Slack! Deux-caps art festival

From 20 june to 20 september 2015

Le Grand site des Deux-Caps - Pas-de-Calais (France)

From June 20 to September 20 2015, the Grand Site des Deux-Caps in Pas-de-Calais County (France) will host the SLACK ! Deux-Caps Arts Festival.

The result of an initiative of the Pas-de-Calais County Council , in partnership with the “artconnexion” program, this festival offers visitors a chance to see another side of one of France's most prized natural sites, situated on the coast of the Strait of Dover.

A new perspective

Fourteen internationally-acclaimed artists and young French talents, currently in residence, will meet with members of the community and associations to gather inspiration for the creation of works of art celebrating the rich heritage of the site and the many pathways running through it. Geological history, cultural heritage, natural scenery - everything that makes this site such a wonderful resource becomes the focus of the festival, aiming to surprise and delight visitors through new ways of exploring, or rediscovering, the Grand Site des Deux Caps via the following programme: 14 artists' installations, 16km of individual pathways, 36km of coastline to explore, meetings and interviews, workshops, guided tours, film nights, narrated walks, BBQs and a host of other surprise events.

Getting Communities Involved

Local residents have been getting involved in the project ever since its design phase, but the festival aims to go even further:

anyone who wishes to so do can become a Festival Ambassador. Their goal? To spread the word to all those around them about how artists are preparing for this unique event, as they will have exclusive access to previews of the festivities.

The approach is symbolic of the overall objectives of the ESI, promoting the foundation of community identities based around the straits themselves, extolling the cultural and heritage value of these unique areas.

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