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Studies and research about straits issues

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Published the 11 March 2015

"Maritime Straits: dialogue between the banks": come and join the project!

This project seeks to explore the "invisible link between cultures" that maritime straits constitute. Come and join the project and make it a reality.

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Published the 11 March 2015

For a network of researchers specialised in Straits issues

The European Straits Initiative seeks to connect researchers with an interest in straits issues, particularly in the context of European projects. Come and join two projects to be submitted soon!

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Published the 4 March 2015

The Seascape character assessment for the Dover Strait

The full report of the Seascape character assessment study for the Dover Strait is now available in English and French on the NOSTRA project website.

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Published the 19 November 2014

BRIT XIV conference: the strait, source of innovation

For the first time, the international BRIT (Border Regions In Transition) conference devoted a special session to straits. At this event, the ESI was the voice of the European straits.

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Published the 21 July 2014

The Strait of Messina: for a European cultural network of straits

The cultural and artistic dimensions of the straits are essential to the construction of a distinctive "straits identity", epitomised by the project led by Stéphane Resche on the Strait of Messina.

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Otrante strait

Published the 12 May 2014

Cross-border cooperation on Otranto Strait: an ambitious study presented in Lecce

A study on "Co-operative links between Albania and Apulia" realised by the University of Salento and co-funded by NOSTRA (Network Of STRAits) project has been released.

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Published the 20 October 2013

The ESI is in favour of a Common Information Sharing Environment as regards surveillance of the maritime areas of the EU

Effective sharing of information on the maritime areas of Europe will be of benefit to the straits of Europe which are affected by many sea-related strategic issues and activities.

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Published the 19 February 2013

The European Straits Initiative for better sharing of experiences in marine sciences

Responding to the European consultation, ESI also called for an increased role to be played by the EU in terms of ensuring consistency in existing databases.

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